How to Know Which Residential Garage Door Is Right for You

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How to Know Which Residential Garage Door Is Right for You

A residential garage door covers around 40 percent of your home’s exterior, and there is more to it than improvement of your home’s curb appeal. Your garage door needs to weather the cold, heat and moisture and maintain the energy efficiency of your home too, not to mention allow convenient entry and exit. Maintaining energy efficiency is especially important if you need to use your garage as a workshop. Other important considerations for choosing a residential garage door for your home include cost, maintenance and durability.

Let us take a look at the choice a homeowner gets on the basis of different important factors and related considerations:

Residential Garage Door Materials

By getting an aluminium garage door installed, you will get the benefits of low maintenance, wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, and rustproof design. This lightweight garage door material doesn’t put a lot of stress on its operating mechanism.
Steel garage doors are sturdier than aluminium ones, and they are also available in a wide range of colours, finishes and designs. However, steel doors can rust if there are scratches or dents.
Traditionalists prefer wood garage doors, and if you are one, be ready to spend some time and money in its maintenance. It is not easy to retain the glorious look of a wood garage door. That’s why many homeowners prefer veneers or overlays on garage doors which resemble the real deal closely and are not as difficult to upkeep.

Garage Door Style Choices

It is more important to match your garage door’s style to that of your front windows than that of the front door. In a traditional home setting, it is advisable to ensure that the garage door blends in. You can consider the following designs, styles or patterns for your garage door:
Victorian or cottage country homes look better with wood panel garage doors, especially if embellished with hardware such as handles and iron hinges. Make sure the garage door you choose blends in with your home’s exterior and its lines look seamlessly as an extension of the home’s architectural design.
Colonial bungalows and homes with a raised ranch look best with simple hardware and horizontal styles.
Contemporary garage door styles come with simple lines and plain doors or horizontal groves in garage door panels.

Garage Door Finishing Details

You should customize the look of your garage door according your preferences. Designs should not be limited to the door basics as many manufacturers offer decorative options:
Garage door panels can be rectangular sections or multiple squares to create a coach house look or a colonial look.
Decorative hardware handles and hinges are available with a forged-iron and other designs.
Decorative strapping in an X or Z shape to introduce a nostalgic barn or country look.
Windows styles include divided lights, large panels, arch tops, etched glass, sandblasted styling, and textured styling, to name a few.

Nowadays, the garage door manufacturers are offering a wide range of styles and colors, more than ever before. Atlanta Garage Door Experts can also help you choose the right one based on your specific needs for garage door repair on your  preferences and budget.