Ways To Make Your Garage Door SoundProof

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Ways To Make Your Garage Door SoundProof


Garage doors in general are very wide. This, combined with the fact that most of their movable parts do produce screeches and other unwanted noise when being opened and closed, makes the act of soundproofing them of absolute necessity.

Soundproofing garage doors simply means making them highly resistant to the passage and overall transmission of sound from the exterior environment to the interior and other adjacent rooms.

The tips below are some of the various ways to make your garage door sound proof:

Upgrade the Garage Doors

This entails the acquisition of premium residential garage doors that are fitted with extra covering inside and foam insulations that are all known to prevent noise from infiltrating into the garages and the room interiors. This method is preferably opted for during the initial garage door installation in Atlanta since it may be difficult to implement at later stages.


This is the use of weather stripping materials such as weather strips, adhesive-backed high density foam tapes, rubber bulb weather stripping gaskets, door sound-proofing materials, and weather-stripped gaskets to seal the gaps and loopholes around the residential garage door perimeters. Such materials have the capability of keeping off sound from intruding into the garage interiors and hence make them sound proof.

Installation of Sound-blocking Doors

Most interior doors are made of hollow core constructions which are very ineffective insofar as the blocking of sound is concerned. To deal with this issue effectively, it s advisable that home owners consider installing doors that are made of sound-blocking materials such as composite core doors, particleboard core doors, or solid-wood doors, to mention but a few! They are generally more expensive than the hollow-core doors but are nonetheless available in several styles and selections all of which may be more affordable.

Use of Sound-absorbing Materials

This entails the use of materials that have the ability to block sound in adorning the residential garage doors. As a general rule, hard surfaces are good reflectors of sound whereas soft surfaces absorb them. The pursuance of this particular course of action thus entails the use of softer materials to make up the various components of residential garage doors as well as other pieces of materials such as old ropes, old sheets, used newspapers, old blankets, and other materials to seal every possible loophole in the residential garage doors through which unwanted sound may seep into the garages.

Call for Action

It is worthy to note that the aforementioned strategies are by no means exhaustive since due to space constraints, not all of them could be completely enumerated. It is thus imperative for home owners to enlist the advice, active participation and involvement of duly-qualified garage door experts in order to fully leverage on all the above and other possible strategies.

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