Tips To Avoid Garage Door Break-Ins


Tips To Avoid Garage Door Break-Ins

Many people seeking garage door repair or installation will do so after an intruder or burglar has broken in. The garage not only houses the car and other equipment but is also an access to the main house. With this in mind, many unauthorized persons will use the garage as a hideout, access to the house, or simply steal items stored inside. It is paramount to minimize the odds of these happening. The following are some of the most effective solutions:

Keep Your Garage Remote Safe

New remote is among the most sort after garage door services. Many owners will discover their remote is missing when it’s too late. This usually affects people who have the habit of leaving the remote inside the car. The only thing an intruder or thief needs to access your home is just accessing the car and grabbing the remote. It’s advisable to not leave the unit in the open or out of sight.

Ensure The Garage Door Leading to Your House is Also Secure

During garage door installation, many people focus more on the outer door (the one that opens to the driveway). However, they fail to give the same priority to the inner door which leads to the home. Usually, they will use a weaker door, or will at times leave it unbolted. Both the inner and outer doors should be made from strong materials such as steel and solid wood. They should also be properly secured at all times.

Keep the Windows Covered

Did you know you could have avoided garage door spring repair by simply covering or frosting the windows. Many people will be uninterested in a garage that they know nothing about. However, once they see what is contained therein, they will be tempted to gain access. Yes it may seem cool to show off your items, however, you may also be attracting a burglar. Also important is covering or frosting the windows found on the door as well.

Have Clear View of the Garage Door

Unless you have a clear view of what is happening out there, you will be seeking garage door services quite often. Maybe you’ll discover the latch has been broken, the remote is missing, or the keypad has been tampered with. Such incidences can be avoided by making sure you have a clear view of the garage. You should be able to see the garage while at the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other place.

Use a Padlock to Secure the Door When Away

It’s true that modern locking mechanisms are quite secure. Nonetheless, they can’t beat the good old padlock. During garage door repair or installation, always ask the contractors to also attach a slot where you can fit a padlock. This comes handy especially when you will be away from the home for a couple of days. Chances of tampering with a high quality padlock are much lower than an automatic or electrical lock. The cost of replacing a padlock is also lower than garage door opener repair.

The above tips may appear very basic; however they will save you lots of headache that comes with garage door repair or new installation.