Repairing a Garage is not a Do-It-Yourself Job

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Repairing a Garage is not a Do-It-Yourself Job

A broken spring on your garage door is more than inconvenient. It could trap your car inside the garage, or keep it outside, prey for the elements. It happened to me once. Opening the garage door became a four stage process. First was kneeling on the ground, and lifting the door the first couple of feet. Then, I braced it open with something short, like a milk crate. Then, I stood and lifted the door the rest of the way open. Finally, I had to brace it again, with something tall. I used our stepladder.

You don’t realize how heavy that door is, until the garage door spring assist is no longer there.

Replacing the spring is not a do-it-yourself job. Because of the spring tension, it can be very dangerous, and should only be done by a professional. But, who should you choose? How do you find the best price, and best work?

First, make a list of everyone who does garage door repair in the immediate area (I would recommend a 10-15 mile radius). Once you have your list, make another list, of important questions. The actual questions will vary, depending on what matters to you, but here are some examples:

  1. How long have you been in business
  2. What kind of guarantee do you offer?
  3. Do you give free estimates?
  4. Can you give any references?

Start making calls. The sooner you start, the sooner you can get back into that garage. Write down the answers, and any other information you feel is important. Don’t be shy. Remember, they need your business, so they have to please you. You don’t owe them anything, yet.

Once you’ve made your calls, you can go over your list. This is where you narrow the field down. For instance, did they ask you any questions? Did they want to know the garage door opener brand? Did they want to do the repair, or did they try to sell a new installation?

Let’s say you’re down to the last few candidates. Call these people back, to see if they might give you an extra reason to choose them: faster work, an additional discount, or some kind of extra service.

Now it’s time for the big decision. And there are really two different ways this could go. One firm could be head and shoulders above the rest, making this a very easy decision. Or, you could end up with two or more companies, with similar, or identical, deals.

Who’s closer? Who’s worked in the neighborhood before? Who’s been in business longer? Do you know any of them? Try to find something that will separate them. Try to see that you give it a thought, before you call it quit or before you give it a chance.

In the end, the repair company you choose must be one you’re comfortable with. If it isn’t, the whole experience has the potential to be unpleasant. Follow a few simple steps. Remember, as the customer, you’re the boss. A good company, that does good work, is a terrific resource, and one you can go back to, time and time again.