Garage Doors: Regular Maintenance is the Key to Survive


Garage Doors: Regular Maintenance is the Key to Survive

At Atlanta Garage Door Experts they understand that sometimes garage doors don’t work as they should and when maintenance issues do arise the Atlanta Garage Door Maintenance engineers are on hand to help.

What many people do not realize is that garage doors do need regular maintenance if you want them to survive!

Our garages often contain a spill over of valuable items from our homes and family life, but they can also be the weakest link in our home safety and security. So it’s really important that our garage doors are regularly checked for maintenance issues and any repair work is carried out quickly and professionally. Atlanta Garage Door Experts have a wealth of knowledge and will thoroughly inspect your garage door for any weakness are faults that could affect the security of your home from burglars and intruders.

Garage Door Faults and Problems

While garage don’t usually require a lot of lubricating a small amount of the type of oils used on cycle chains can be applied to help them run smoothly. Tracks can become clogged with dirt making them stiff and difficult to move so clean them with a small brush and a cloth taking care to protect your fingers from sharp edges. Worn out rollers should be replaced, manual pulleys and chains can become weak and links do break. Spring failure is a common issue, springs often lose tension over time and a broken garage door spring can cause your garage door to become heavy and unmanageable. When a spring does need to be replaced its always best to employ the services of Atlanta Garage Door Experts engineers as springs are often under a lot of tension they can cause serious injury if not correctly handled. It’s also important to note that it is always advisable to replace the springs on both sides of the door at the same time to make sure the door stays properly balanced. Motorized systems fail and motors need to be cared for and serviced if they are to remain in tip top working order.

Atlanta Garage Door Experts are trained to identify and fix even the most complex of faults with any garage door style. Unfortunately what a lot of people do not take on board is that garage doors can cause serious injury and even death if not properly maintained. Young children being most at risk of being injured by having small fingers trapped and receiving crush injuries when garage door mechanisms fail. Occasionally, you may find that your trusty garage door fails to open or close properly. One of the more common problems that our garage door opener maintenance team comes across is an automatic garage door that has failed to respond to its hand transmitter. This can be as simple as a run down battery that needs replaced and the door reprogrammed to a complete failure of the motorized system. Another reason for a garage door failing to open are close correctly can be related to the safety photocells, this occurs when the photocells have been misaligned. This can happen when the sensor has been accidentally knocked and moving it back into position can normally rectify the problem. We are here to help with a 24/7 service and when a professional repair is required a lot of common problems can be easily and quickly resolved. The team all carry a stock of garage door parts and they will do our utmost to get your garage door working again in record time and if they do need to get a specialist part they can usually accommodate these requests quickly.

Atlanta Garage Door Experts know that most of us have busy, stressful lives and they take your home safety and security seriously.

Atlanta Garage Door Experts Georgia can efficiently attend to your garage door problems so you can get on with your daily life with as little disruption as possible. If you do have any questions about a problem with your garage door, why not give us a call on (844) 334-6697