How Is Garage Door Spring Affecting Life of a Garage Door ?

How Is Garage Door Spring Affecting Life of a Garage Door ?

Understanding the forces in play is the most important factor if the garage door is to be maintained to a high standard. Regular garage door repair and maintenance ensures that the garage door is always in top condition at all times.

Garage door springs

Garage door springs are one of the most important components of the garage door system as they offer a counterweight that offsets the weight of the door when it moves. So a garage door of 100 pounds requires a spring force of the same weight pulling against its weight. That means using a spring whose force does not match the weight of the door will lead to the spring breaking and at worst a serious accident. Tops of garage doors often bend when the springs are broken.

Why do garage door springs break?

1. Wear and tear.

Due to the regular use of the garage door its springs will wear out with time. Ten thousand cycles is the standard amount of use the average door spring is expected to last where one cycle is the same as opening and then closing of the door.

2. Rust

This is another common reason why the garage door spring fails. Rust increases friction on the coils of the moving spring. Regularly spraying the spring with WD-40 will keep the spring lubricated and prevent the build-up of rust.

Preventive tips for maintaining garage doors

1. Listen and look

Every time you use your garage door it is important to observe it closely to see any signs of wear and rear. A garage door is supposed to move smoothly and silently. Grinding noises serve to alert you that all is not well with the garage door.

2. Ensure the hardware is tightened up

Constant movement of the garage doors invariably lads to loosening of some of its components. Bolts and roller brackets should be examined and tightened on a consistent basis.

3. Test the balance of the garage door

An improperly balanced garage door will cause you to work harder to open it and it will not last long. If the springs are improperly balanced it is best to use the services of professionals to fix the imbalance.

4. Inspect the rollers

Rollers should be inspected twice every year and replaced once every seven years or more depending on how many times you use your door every day.

5. Lubricate all moving parts

Regular greasing of the garage door parts will add more and more years of smooth operation of your garage door.

6. Clear the tracks

Ensure that there is no debris on the tracks on both sides of the door. Also, if you can, check the plumb by using a level.

7. Replace the weather-stripping

This is the rubber stripping found on the bottom of the door. If it is cracked or brittle it should be replaced immediately. Weather-stripping is found at general hardware stores and is measured by the foot.

It is important to note that the garage door makes up for almost one-third of the exterior of your house. It is therefore important that you keep it clean and well maintained at all times to avoid embarrassing moments. Therefore, employ the finest technicians for garage door spring repair or these sort of issues in your home town.