Is your Garage Door Safe? Quirks you Need to Know

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Is your Garage Door Safe? Quirks you Need to Know

There is a huge difference in terms of charm between the old houses as compared to today’s houses, but if we talk about safety standards, we are more safer, and secure in today’s houses. Being the largest moving parts of our home, garage door meets the standard criteria of safety and security and provide us the trouble free operating mechanism for years. In return, the garage door only demands a proper and regular maintenance for its smooth functionality. Before we move forward, we must know the risk factors that can malfunction your garage door if not properly taken care.

Springs: the garage door extension and torsion springs are in extreme tension all the time. Before performing any repair or replacement task, remove all the tension in the garage door springs. The task must be performed by trained professionals.

Cable Brackets and Door Sections: The cable brackets are attached to the springs of the garage door and are in extreme function. The tension must be released before performing any sort of task. Never try to close the garage door manually while placing your fingers between the door sections as it might cause severe injuries.

The Garage Door Opener and Remote Controls: Improper use of a garage door opener might be harmful. Never allow your children to play with the remote controls of the garage door. Always remember to keep your garage door five feet above the ground. Do not leave the place before the garage door function is fully performed.

Regular Service

The garage door is the part of everyday life and is used more than twice in a day. After a certain time period, garage door parts might wear out and break, giving rise to potential safety issues for your family. Maintenance of your garage door on a timely basis is the only solution for the risk factors. The tasks such as replacement, repair and installation of different parts of the garage door must be performed by the trained professionals. Each garage door and its opener is unique and has specific safety standards. Go through the manual before performing DIY repairs.

Last Word of Advice

The garage door is of great convenience and must be taken proper care. If malfunctioned, call for professionals help and do not try to repair or replace it yourself. The professionals are skilled, well-trained and certified to perform the garage door repair, replacement and installation. They follow the safety standards while performing their job. Moreover, if you want your garage door to be safe for your family, make sure that you know about the risk factors.