Different Garage Door Materials


Different Garage Door Materials

A new garage door provides good looks, modest cost and solid return of investment. An average front-facing garage door can represent almost 20% of your home’s façade. A dysfunctional and worn-out garage door can put the curb-appeal of your house at stake. In fact, when the garage is in the front or the center of the garage door, the garage door has to definitely look good.

Modern day market is flooded with four basic types of garage doors, for instance, swing out, swing up, roll up, or slide to the side. It’s always important to select a garage door that suits the style of your house. Most garage door styles, whether traditional or contemporary, feature trim, panels and other details. As garage door is an expensive purchase, it is advisable to settle on a choice that adds to the architectural style of your house. Choosing the right garage door material is equally important to bring in a stylish look for your garage door. In this blog, let’s have a look at some of the common garage door materials:


Wooden garage doors are known for providing immense charm and authenticity that other garage door materials fail to replicate. Sturdy and stylish, wooden garage doors are easily available in multiple designs and styles. Mostly available in mahogany, cedar and redwood, these garage doors are often expensive. Additionally, wood garage doors usually carry a short warranty and demand maintenance at regular intervals.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Unlike wooden garage doors, aluminum doors are highly preferred for their cost-effective rates. The sturdy versions of heavy-duty extruded frames and dent-laminated garage door panels are rugged and provide superior resistance against the accumulation of rust. Because of its light weight, aluminum garage doors do not put much strain on the operating mechanism.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel doors require virtually no-maintenance. Inexpensive and yet tough, steel garage doors have definitely become a preferable choice among garage door owners. Premium quality steel garage doors provide lifetime warranties on hardware, insulation and factory-applied paint. On the contrary, budget garage doors provide shorter warranties.
When it comes to steel garage doors, you can minimize the risk by choosing garage doors with 24 or 25 gauge panels.

Invest on an Insulated Garage Door

As garage door users, it is always advisable to invest in one that’s insulated. Premium insulation not only averts high energy bills but an insulated garage door is more durable and provides a finished look.

Last Few Words

A sizeable portion of what people see of your home is the garage door. It is thus important to choose a garage door style that easily complements the exterior of the house. If you’re replacing your existing garage door, there are definitely multiple new options available on the market to match the architectural style of your home. Have a look at the above-stated garage door materials and choose one that matches the architectural style of your house. Atlanta Garage Door Experts are always available to help you make the perfect choice.