6 Effective Ways To Troubleshoot Garage Door Problem


6 Effective Ways To Troubleshoot Garage Door Problem

Have you ever been forced to take a taxicab because your garage door won’t open? Well you never know the importance of a garage door until it breaks on you and you cannot access the services it offers. At Atlanta garage door experts we deal with all garage door issues be it in commercial or residential garage doors, during our many years of experience the complains we receive about garage doors amaze us. Although some of the problems require you to call us, there are tips that can help you in garage door maintenance.

Below are ways to help you identify your garage door problems;

1. Power source

The source of power is very important in garage door repair though it may seem as if it’s something too obvious or often repeated, this could be the major cause of you problem you should first check your motor unit and the fuse.

2. Remote

Sometimes it is never that serious perhaps you just need to replace the batteries of your garage door remote mostly if your door is fitted with an electric opener. Also it’s advisable to consider programming your remote again using guidelines on your owner’s manual.

3. Limit switch

This is a device installed to prevent the door from closing on people or pets or any other thing on its way, the garage door in this case follows the instructions you have set for it, if for instance if it receives the wrong instructions it will either stop before reaching the ground or before it opens all the way. This could be tricky for you but you don’t have to stress because our skilled technicians at Atlanta garage door experts will be glad to do the garage door repair for you, or we could also send you step-by –step guidelines to assist you fix the switch on your own.

4. Safety sensors

One of the indications that the sensors are destroyed is when they blink or are inactive. The sensors may be blocked by leaves or any other fragments, to rectify this you should always ensure that they are clean and facing one another, you may also be forced to open the garage door openers then fix them again, in case this procedure fails then you may be forced to buy new sensors.

5. Obstructions

By this I mean there could be objects such as stones preventing your garage door parts from moving efficiently, try putting them aside without exerting pressure on the track so as to prevent further damages. Another point to note is the edges they should be smooth and without curves, this could be a cause for it working inappropriately. The solution to this is simply taking a hammer and gently flattening the crooked edges.

6. Wheels

The main reason as to why your wheels could be stuck is because of dirt or debris, the solution to this is simply cleaning it out with a sponge then making sure to lubricate it.

The above mentioned tips can help you solve most of your garage door problems but feel free to call us anytime you require our help mostly in garage door cable repair or if you need garage door installation services and we will send our highly trained experts at your door step. Also don’t forget to pop in for our garage door special offers

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