4 Tips of Doing Garage Door Opener Repair: The Right Way

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4 Tips of Doing Garage Door Opener Repair: The Right Way

The garage door is the largest moving object in your home as it covers your home’s largest opening. If controlled manually then opening and closing only requires hands but if controlled electrically a garage door opener will be used. A garage door opener is basically an electrical device controlled remotely or by switches used to open the garage door. Just like any other device and machine, it is prone to break downs and malfunctions. If this happens, before you shop around for another opener it is important to check a few things to see if repairs can help. But before we dwell into repairs it is important to know how it works.

The garage door opener does not actually open the door, it only controls how wide the door opens and closes as the actual lifting is done by garage door springs attached to the door which are always under tension to open the door via counter balance cables. The power unit of the opener consists of an electric motor that is attached to a track. A trolley slides along the track providing the opening mechanism, this trolley is connected to an arm attached to the ceiling of the garage. The movement of the trolley on the track is done via a chain mechanism, belt mechanism or a screw.

Now that we know how the opener opens the door, let’s now look at what to do when it malfunctions. In this article I will give you four tips on how to do garage door repairs the right way

Controlling devices

If your garage door isn’t working as it should, most likely it is not the opener itself that has malfunctioned but the controlling devices. Control is via remotes or switches and therefore it is important to ensure these devices are working. Usually there is more than one remote control and if both are not working then you can be assured that the problem is with the opener itself. If the indoor switch is working and the outdoor is not then you should have it repaired. Repairing these devices requires a little electrical and electronics knowledge.

Drive mechanism

Trolley movement on the track is driven by either a chain drive, belt drive or a screw system and sometimes they get twisted or they wear down. This is usually easy to determine as a visual inspection will do. This is the most common problem and should always be checked before opening up the door opener.

Power unit

The opener being an electrical device has a power unit. This power unit supplies the power required to operate the opener and the transformer can malfunction in that it does not provide the right voltage for operation or any other components in the circuit could also not be working properly. With a multimeter you can open it up and check where the problem is. In case a replacement is needed, spare parts for most components are readily available.

Professional services

To avoid causing further damages or causing injury to yourself, it is important to call professionals to do repairs for you because they have the level of expertise and equipment to handle whatever problem your opener could be having. This is because the repairs could be sophisticated and you may not be able to do them yourself.

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