24*7 Garage Door Repair Service and Installations


24*7 Garage Door Repair Service and Installations

A garage door has enormous impact on your home. Garage doors are the major movable entity inside your home. A default garage door poses a major security risk for your family and your home. Atlanta Garage Door Experts is a professional company that you can count on when comes to garage door repairs and installations. We offer 24 hours a day 7 days a week garage door repair service and installations. When deciding to have a makeover for your home garage door installation and repair should be given a major thought Atlanta Garage Door Experts offers free for consultation and estimates for your installation or repair cost free of charge.

Our company stands with satisfaction in our quick, considerate, and qualified specialists who will overhaul your garage door setbacks, anywhere, and anytime. All of our staff technicians are highly trained to meet our very distinguished quality standards. We offer a wide arrange of services such as:

Garage Door Installation – This involves installing a new door which includes the door itself and all other accessories that go hand in hand with the door. It is the complete installation and inspection after installation to make sure that the door is in good working condition and all the parts are working properly.

Electric Openers – we do Servicing and refurbishing of the electric garage door opener itself, this includes lift device controls the door movement. This is usually an added service since it is not a part of the door but a very important part of the door mechanism. This involves, renovation, modification, inspection and lubrication if required.

Torsion Spring Repair and Replacement – Torsion garage door spring creates energy firm attached to a shaft than stretching to lift of the door. This a very delicate and dangerous repair for an inexperienced person. We offer quality and services from our highly skilled technician.

Garage Door Panel Replacement – When a section or a panel of your door is damaged we offer repair and replacement this is done professionally in way that you cannot notice the repair.

Roller Replacement – This involves replacing the wheel that guides the door on the track some time they are worn out or damaged, the wheel can sometimes leave the tracks which can cause damage to the main door. It requires regular inspection.

Door Cable and Spring Replacement – spring and the cable work hand in hand since the cable is used to connect the door to the spring moist condition causes rusting which alters the efficiency of the door, tear and wear necessitates that they be replaced from time to time.

Safety Inspections and Tune-up – safety inspection involves checking all the movable parts of the door by our technicians conducting manor repair and adjustment which includes lubrication of all movable joints. This improves serviceability and increases the lifespan of the door. This kind of service should be done twice a year.

Our services are there 24hour when we schedule our job according the needs of the customers and our technicians call 30 minutes before arrival time to make sure that the customer is aware they are visiting his/her premises.